Business Testing with BDD is a course that gives you the basic knowledge necessary for a professional approach to business testing with BDD.

This course can be delivered in English.

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Business Testing with BDD

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Learning objectives

You will gain basic knowledge of business testing with BDD, as well as the following other benefits:

  • You know the principles behind Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)
  • You know how and why we test with BDD
  • You learn to select which tests must be performed
  • You know the pros and cons of business testing with BDD
  • You know the advantages of “test first”
  • You know how progress can be measured with tests
  • You learn about better documentation in an agile set-up


Target audience

You will be starting on an agile project or already working with an agile project, but you lack on the tool knowledge you need to ensure quality. If you want to get started with BDD and a requirements-based approach to testing, this course is for you. There are no technical prerequisites to participate in the course.


Course overview

There will be partner exercises, group exercises, and plenty of open discussions.  Exercises will be both theoretical and practical. For example, you will develop BDD tests based on given requirements as part of the course. This type of course, in which the students actively participate in instruction, makes it easier for students to relate to their own everyday work.



Our instructors are not only used to teaching software testing — they also have many years of practical experience from various IT projects, as well as knowledge of best practices, so you get the best instruction possible. They receive an average of 4.6/5 in reviews from students.


Course contents

This course is a great way to get started with agile testing. It includes:

  • What is Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)
  • Why test with BDD
  • Black box testing vs. white box testing
  • Domain-specific language
  • Gherkin
  • Specification workshop
  • Tools



The course lasts two days.

Training in English?

Our trainers teach in Danish unless anything else is stated at the course description. We do have most of our course materials in Danish and English, so we are able to offer the course in English, if we have a request.

In-House training in English

If you are more than 5 people, who are looking for a course, we can do a in-house training for you organization in English.

Waiting list in English

If you need a course in English but are not looking for an in-house training, please contact us. We do keep waiting / wish lists for courses in English, so when we have enough requests, then we will offer the course as open classroom training.

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