TestHuset works to ensure and improve the quality of digital solutions.

Testhuset A/S

TestHuset A/S is a Danish-owned company established in 2005. Since 2018 we have been part of the international development house Trifork and leading in the field of quality assurance and test of digital solutions in the Nordic region. We provide advisory, services and competency development on a local and a global level. TestHuset headquarters is located in Copenhagen, with 75+ employees in Denmark, Sweden and Spain.  

TestHuset is a house of knowledge. We work to ensure and improve the quality of digital solutions, by providing tests and quality assurance advisory and consultancy support for public and private companies, and through competency development at our educational courses. With our professional knowledge and expertise, we aid the efficient realization of good ideas into digital solutions and create future-proof value for both our clients, employees and business partners. 


We quality assure business and everyday life

Because the world has become digitalized and interconnected through digital solutions, our work here at TestHuset helps to assure the functionalities and the performance of both business and everyday life. It is not only important, but in many cases vital, that a digital solution is tested and quality assured, in order for it to work as intended. The earlier we can enter the development phase, the better; early testing in the development of a digital solution is crucial to ensure its quality, and thereby the purpose of the solution.

We develop together

For us, test and quality assurance equals development. That is how we work in-house at TestHuset and that is how we work with our clients and business partners. We have the theoretical knowledge as well as the practical experience, collaborating as a team on a local and global level, where many and differently skilled people have got to join forces and work together to bring a digital solution or a project safely and successfully to the finish line. This we also help others to achieve: Through our competency development courses, we pass on our knowledge and provide the tools for testing, quality assurance and agile development, just as our advisors and consultants bring this expertise to our clients and business partners around the world.

TestHuset has been awarded 4 Gazelle prizes and an EMEA Fast 500 international growth award from Deloitte. In 2015 TestHuset was elected as the 6th best IT workplace in Denmark by Great Place to Work®. 

Do you have any questions?

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